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For all of your glass and ceramic engraving needs, in your home or business, as well as gift giving.


Sand blast engraving is superior to laser engraving at a fraction of the cost.   The work is all done by hand and colored to your specifications.


You can expect:

High quality engraving

Hand coloring

Delivered when you need it

No job too small

All at a price that you can afford

Jim's Engraving started when I realized that I couldn't take retirement any longer.  I saw an ad in a magazine to learn sand blast engraving, it looked like something that I could do, as well as having a great time doing it.

I do a tremendous amount of business with the ham radio community.  Hams are proud of the effort it took to earn their  call sign and like to show it off by having it engraved on coffee cups, marble, granite or glass. 

Go to the Crystal Gifts and Awards page to see a great selection of crystal wedding gifts, personalized Christmas tree ornaments, awards for the heavy hitters in your organization or possibly the heavy hitter in your little league team.

Whether you're looking for a personalized coffee cup, an engraved crystal wedding gift, a crystal desk set, an engraved trophy for your end of year recognition ceremonies, or just a personalized gift made from crystal, ceramics, marble or granite, I'll put 100% of my effort into it to provide you with quality engraving at an affordable price.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Jim Thibeault

Jim's Engraving


Jim's Engraving
Jim's Engraving
Crystal Gifts and Awards
Crystal Gifts and Awards
Crystal Gifts and Awards
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